Business Protection

Business Protection

Relevant Life Plan

A Relevant Life Plan is a term assurance plan available to and paid by employers to provide an individual death in service benefit for an employee. It is designed to pay a lump sum if the employee dies whilst employed during the length of the policy. Relevant Life Plans are similar to most other types of life cover except they aim to provide a tax efficient benefit provided by an employer for an employee.

Key Person Insurance

Key Person Cover is designed to protect the profits of small and medium size companies in the event of death or severe illness of one or more of the company’s key employees.

Key person is an employee whose death or severe illness would cause a serious loss of income or profit your business. Employees of all types, particularly those with specialist knowledge or skills, can be key people. We consider: loan repayments, replacement of lost profits, cost of recruitment of replacement personnel and repayment of partners’ /directors’ loan accounts.


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